Consultant Engineering Services

Do you have a product idea that could use some design assistance? Even if you just need some additional engineering resources in the short term, REMANTECH has partnered with very responsive and creative engineering consulting firms that will take your project to completion.

Our Engineering and Design Services Include:
3D CAD Modeling and 2D Drafting
Proto-type Building Services
Mechanical & Industrial Design
Process Equipment and Assembly Tooling
User Manual Illustrations
Custom Printed Circuit Board Design and Layout

Mechanical Engineering Services
Our principals offer the complete array of mechanical engineering services. From design using the latest in CAD and 3D modeling, prototype production of products and parts, to the actual production of your finished product.

PCB Design Services
Offering world-class PCB design services, ranging from schematic capture, through placement and routing, as well as PCB proto-typing and assembly. We also offer consulting services to automate many of the routine design processes and system administration tasks to increase reliability and productivity. Our PCB design process includes the initial design review, a component placement review, routing review, and the final review. At a projects completion you will receive all drawings and files.


Our PCB Design Services Include:
Multi-processor Motherboards
Rigidflex Technology
Split Planes
Controlled Impedance
Sequential Lamination