Plastic Fabrication

REMANTECH provides access to traditional thermoforming plastic fabrication injection molding. We can help you decide on which process is best for your product application. Below we have outlined some information about both Plastic Fabrication processes.

Vacuum Forming

Two methods of plastic production exist: vacuum forming and pressure forming. Both evacuate air from the sealed space between a heated plastic sheet and a mold to make the sheet conform to the mold. Pressure forming is for parts requiring higher precision and features such as sharp undercuts; to achieve these features, compressed air is added to the operation, from 20 to as much as 150 psi.

For fast set-up and production of plastic parts, especially large parts, thermforming or pressure forming with sheet plastics has become the processing method of choice.

Injection Modling

If you have products or ideas that require injection molding, prototyping or machining, Remantech would like to serve you. Our knowledgeable engineers and designers will offer suggestions on how to manufacture your product to allow for a professional look as well as for ease of manufacturing. We are committed to providing personal service at the lowest possible prices to all of our customers.

  • 55 Ton 3oz Vandorn
  • Two 75 ton 4oz Newburys
  • 170 ton 14.7 oz Vandorn
  • 300 ton 20 oz Newburry
  • 400 ton 25.4 oz Vandorn
  • Three Model c-50 Conair desicant dryers (hopper mounted).
  • Bry-Air 100lb per hour dial chamber desicant dryer.
  • Three twin Sterl-Tronic mold temperature controllers.
  • Borg-Warner 50 ton cooling tower.
  • One ton system scrap grinder.

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