Precision Metal Fabrication

REMANTECH can help you with Custom Metal Fabrication. We provide sheet metal fabrication, aluminum casting and zinc casting services.


Complete Production
Fast Turns
Short Runs
Advanced Welding
Full "TurnKey" Solutions
Custom Design and Engineering

Die Casting and Aluminum
The aluminum alloys we cast meet the ASTM B-179 specifications and our zinc alloys meet ASTM B-240 specifications. The alloy material number is racked throughout the manufacturing process to comply with our Quality Commitments to you.We also offer precision fabrication of various panels, bracket, enclosure and chassis using the latest CAD/CAM software and procedures.

Custom Aluminum and Zinc Casting
Our Casting Capabilities include:

Aluminum and zinc die castings from ounces to 15 pounds. Casting, trim, burnishing, drilling, grinding, sot blasting, assembly, including special packaging and labeling requirements. Aluminum and zinc die casting equipment from 125 to 600 ton.

Account Management - all manufacturing processes can be tracked through computerized tracking system.

Engineering Support - can assist in part designs from prototype to production.

Manufacturing Planning - with computerized planning and scheduling system.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities Include:
SHEARING - sheet stock 10ft
12 gauge Stainless Steel
10 gauge Cold Rolled Steel
1/4" Aluminum
LASER Cutting - sheet stock 60" x 99+"
1/4" Stainless
3/8" Steel
3/16" Aluminum
PUNCHING - sheet stock 50" x 100+"
12ga Stainless Steel
10ga Steel
1/4" Aluminum
FORMING 110 ton 10ft
Four CNC press brakes up to 9 axis programming
Aluminum, Steel and Stainless steel
AEM Grainer 36" wide, wet and dry system collection
Vibratory Deburring


If you are considering a casting design or if you would like assistance in the development phases please contact us, we are happy to help.